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What is CamJo?

Camjo is a combination of the words "camera" and "journalist". A camjo is a program maker who works as a one-man crew. A camjo is a director, interviewer, lighting technician, camera, and sound engineer and often he or she is also an editor.

At CamJo24 we are at your service for all kinds of video production services.


Why CamJo24?

Looking for a video production agency in Amsterdam? a production company that knows what they are doing? can deliver high-quality video fast and reliable? look no further. CamJo24 is your partner for affordable and stunning videos. Our camera crew will help you get the result you want.

Some facts about video marketing:

A recent report shows that over 80% of companies are now using video as a tool for marketing. According to another study, viewers retain around 95% of the information they watch in a video compared to a mere 10% while reading text.

We have good news, our main office is in Amsterdam but we also have offices in the following cities.

Brussels, Belgium
Luxemburg, Luxemburg
Malmo, Sweden
Berlin, Germany
Don't hesitate to request a quotation by sending an email to: booking@camjo24.com